Hi Jay-Mel,

I’m trying to help the girl group Anything But Monday with their promotion.These girls own their own beer company Mirosa Beer which is distributed by the distributors on Anhueser Busch. The girls have come up with a promotion that they call the MIROSA BEER ECONOMIC STIMULUS PLAN where they are giving anyone who buys their beer stock in the company. They are giving away 1 million shares to people in the State of Georgia. How this works is you go into any store in the State of Georgia that carries Mirosa Beer (Publix or Kroegers), purchase a 6 pack of the beer and email them a photo of the receipt at anythingbutmonday123@yahoo.com Attn Samanda, they will send you stock in the company. If Publix is out of the beer you can go to the customer service and put in your order. This will REALLY help the girls as it shows Publix and Anheuser Busch that there is a demand for the beer.There is an opportunity to invest at a more larger scale if interested. Its as simple as that. No gimmicks – no BS – no strings attached. They just want everyone to give their beer a try because they know if you do, you are going to love it. Even people who say they hate beer and never drink in, love this beer. It’s that good! And they are putting their money where their mouth is and giving away stock in their company just for you to give them a shot.


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