Summer Azul….. is an exotic beauty. She is an Indian/French Creole Rapper & Actress born in North America with a love of cultures from all over the World. Being of mixed descent, (Indian, African, French, Spanish, Irish, Chinese and Brazilian) This new International recording artist gives diversity to her songs and she brings HipHop, Reggae Dancehall, House & Dance/Pop music together in a way not seen before. Her properly titled “Hot Like Summer” mixtape series has earned her the title “Mixtape Queen” and each volume showcases her superb lyricism. (see music review: ) Summer Azul is most recently named “Hottest Underground Artist” on 50cent’s HipHop website. (See post on She has been featured on 100’s of mixtapes, albums and songs across the globe. This multi-talented entertainer serves us with a mixture of sounds. With songs ranging from club banging dance tracks, sexy seductive tunes, world music, pop songs and real hiphop, Summer Azul has something for everyone to enjoy. Due to her background in martial arts, her ability to speak different languages, alongside several entertaining alter egos (each carrying their own fan base due to their different styles and personalities), Summer Azul brings a whole new flavor to the world of music. Currently residing in Atlanta,GA, not only has Summer Azul made a name for herself in the underground music circuit, but she has also managed to obtain a Worldwide fan base and support system known as the ‘Azul Army’. Loyal and devoted, her fans (Azul Army) personally assist in promoting her music throughout different countries as well as sharing it with others all over the world via the Internet. Due to her loving fans, her endless hard work and her great tunes, Summer Azul’s music currently gets airtime on radio stations and in clubs all across the world. She has collaborated with producers and D.J.’s in such places as Brazil, Africa, India, Asia, Germany, France, the U.K. and the West Indies. With her unique sensual voice, Indian & Brazilian influenced dance moves and her undoubted sex appeal, Summer Azul is bringing the heat to the World of entertainment. v=yUuGWnMWLi4&feature=youtube_gdata_player GET YOUR BIOS BY @jaymelprice $25.